Our Vision

Clinical care innovators.


Life isn’t easy. It doesn’t come with directions and is weighted with obstacles and hindrances. These experiences can corrode our lives and our abilities to function. We are passionate in aiding others in getting back to living, and then realizing their full potential.

Ketamine therapy is one piece of this puzzle. However, in years of experience with this modality, we believe it to be a powerful tool in reaching self-actualization.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to mental health. Our experiences have taught us to remove the obstacles and constraints from the lives of my patients in a holistic manner, while embracing modern medical science, collaboration, and the uniqueness of the human experience of each patient.


As a chosen partner, LifeInfusions will leverage OptiMed Health Partner’s clinical expertise, facility, and staff to administer ketamine infusions. OptiMed is positioned to set new benchmarks toward the delivery of outcomes-driven healthcare, the collaboration with healthcare providers, and to engage patients in their treatment and adherence success. Their continued dedication to innovative strategies and patient programs, including pharmacogenetic testing, biotechnology, and mobile applications to fuel the cutting-edge, industry-wide transition in delivery of care.