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As your Care Team, we provide an array of materials to prepare for your upcoming infusion. Whether you’re a new or existing patient, we take time to understand your goals, past treatment, and your clinical care team following through on treatment.

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Below are resources, articles, and emerging information in the healthcare industry surrounding ketamine, it’s efficacy, benefits, and more. We continue to add more to the below list as well as publish posts in our Latest News section.

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What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a Schedule III Anesthetic agent. It was first developed in 1962 and later FDA approved for clinical use in 1970 primarily for use during the Vietnam War. Ketamine has had a tainted history because, much like similar medications that can cause dissociative effects, Ketamine became a drug of abuse (Special K). However, Ketamine continued to be a successful anesthetic being used in hospitals, dentist offices and medical practices with an excellent safety record.

In the past 5–7 years Ketamine was identified as having beneficial effects on patients with depression, suicidal ideations and certain neuro-pathic pain syndromes. A large number of very reputable hospitals and organizations have studied Ketamine’s effectiveness in these areas and have shown very promising results.

Unfortunately, since Ketamine is out of it’s patent period the race is on to replicate Ketamine’s effectiveness into a new, marketable medication.

The treatment is here and available now. There is hope. There is help.

Relief within hours of infusion
Increased engagement in personal and professional areas
Improved and strengthened education around condition

In the Workplace.

The price of engagement and productivity can be directly related to the health of your employees. Those struggling to find solutions or treatment can hinder job performance with increased levels of anxiety, depression, and reduced days spent at work. Just “showing up” to work is not the answer anymore.

The Harvard Business Review states International Truck and Engine, Bank One (recently acquired by JPMorgan Chase), Lockheed Martin, and Comerica are recognizing the problem of presenteeism and trying to do something about it. “That entails determining the prevalence of illnesses and medical problems that undermine job performance in the workforce, calculating the related productivity loss, and combating that loss in cost-effective ways.” Research continues in this area with a focus on learning the exact degree to which various illnesses reduce productivity.

Increased presenteeism
Increased productivity at work
Reduced absenteeism due to illness

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